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Bayzil Design Sprint

Bayzil’s 3-week process for designing products that matter.…for people who care.


When to use


Pitch big ideas to stakeholders 

Our business discovery process is aimed at creating compelling stories to get buy-in for big ideas to stakeholders, higher management, or investors.

Embed growth drivers in the product

Our products are inherently designed to improve business metrics like discovery, acquisition, onboarding, engagement, retention, and referrals.

Identify underserved market opportunities

Through deep customer understanding, we can help uncover customer needs that are not yet adequately met and create new customer value.

Use design as an advantage

Consumers want a positive experience, not just a transactional relationship. CX is the key factor for a business to stand out from competitors.

Innovate at scale and speed

Old world design agencies deliver 3 weeks of work in 3 months. We build  hypothesis and rapid experiments to deliver solutions that matter.

Why are we doing this

Old world design agencies take months to deliver work

That's a lot of hours to fill in with empty work. It’s the kind of work that keeps agency employees busy but for you, it’s zero value. Think of that 50-page project plan/research/report etc. that looked like a lot of text and that’s all it was.

Empty work creates mediocre products.

Mediocre products = Poor solution to a real problem/wasted budgets on a problem that doesn’t exist.


To solve problems that matter, we need to know what to build, should it be built, and how to build it.

Great products = What to build ~ Should it be built + Build it already ~ Wait! Did we build it right

With that in mind, we designed The One Sprint.

It includes 2 touch points with the users to make sure we solve problems worth solving and we deliver on those promises to the users.


What do we do in 3 weeks

Week 0, the week of discovery

We start business discovery with client interviews and follow it up with customer interviews for customer discovery. At the end of week 0, our findings and perspective land neatly on the Black Canvas and the White canvas.

Week 1, the week of alignment, decisions, and initial prototype

Alignment Workshop is one of the highlights of the sprint. We kick off this week with a 2-day deep dive into problem and solution space to align team, make decisions, and create the customer journey map.

The output of the Alignment Workshop becomes the input for our designers, who create an initial prototype for testing it with users.

Week 2, the week of testing and fine tuning

The initial prototype undergoes user tests (5-10 users) to validate for ease of use, delight, and any other metric. It is a shortcut to learning without building and launching.

We then synthesise the learnings from user tests and fine tune the prototype.

How we spend the 3 weeks of The One Sprint

How we spend the 3 weeks of The One Sprint

What all do we deliver

The Black and White Canvas

The Black Canvas is concise snapshot of business perspective on high expectation customer, their problems, existing solutions, new opportunities, and competitive advantages.

The Black Canvas of Business Discovery

The Black Canvas of Business Discovery

The White Canvas is the customer parallel of the Black Canvas. It focuses on the customer perspective of their jobs, problems, current solutions, and challenges with existing solutions. It’s a better way to do personas.

The White Canvas of Customer Discovery

The White Canvas of Customer Discovery

We bring in the two together and serve you in one platter, The Black & White Canvas.


It is an evolved, high-fidelity prototype with rich interactions. This is not merely screens stitched together. It looks and feels like a real product.

Our clients use it to:

  • Get a buy-in from higher management/investors.

  • Hand it to design, marketing, or content writing teams to work on the concept.

  • Develop it further to make it production ready.

User Insights Report (a 20 page PDF report)

A summary of business and customer discovery:

  • Customer Learnings and Deep Insights

  • Underserved Market Opportunities

  • Value Elements, before and after

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Next Steps

Design System

The single source of truth for all the elements and assets needed by the business to design, realise, and develop products.